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Key points of injection molding conditions for vertical two-color injection molding machine.

by:FUHONG     2021-05-31
1. Melting temperature and mold temperature. The best molding temperature is related to many factors, such as the size of the vertical two-color injection molding machine, the composition of the screw, the design of the mold and the molded product, and the molding cycle time. Generally speaking, in order to gradually melt the plastic, a lower temperature is set in the rear section of the material pipe and the feeding area, and a higher temperature is set in the front section of the material pipe. In terms of mold temperature, high-temperature molds can provide a better surface appearance, have less residual pressure, and are easier to fill for thinner or longer molded products. The low mold temperature can shorten the molding cycle. 2. Screw rotation speed. 40 to 70RPM is recommended, but it needs to be adjusted after confirming the design of the vertical two-color injection molding machine and screw. 3. Back pressure. Generally, the lower the setting, the better, but in order to achieve uniform feeding, it is recommended to use 3 to 14Kg/cm2. 4. Injection speed. The rate of fire has a lot to do with the gate design. When using direct gates or edge gates, in order to prevent sun and wave flow marks, a slower rate of fire is used. In addition, if the thickness of the finished product is more than 5.0mm, in order to avoid bubbles or dents, slow injection will help. Generally speaking, the shooting speed principle of vertical two-component injection molding machine is that the thinner is fast, and the thicker is slow. 5. Injection pressure. In order to fill the mold quickly, the injection pressure is as large as possible, generally about 850 to 1400 Kg/cm2, but 2400Kg/cm2. 6. Keep pressure. When switching from injection molding to holding pressure, the holding pressure should be as low as possible to avoid residual pressure in the molded product. The residual pressure can be removed or reduced by annealing, provided that the molded product is humidified at 120 to 130°C for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Recommended reading: Prevention of deformation in the heat treatment process of the vertical injection molding machine using the mold.
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