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Key plastic vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-05-22
The plastic handle of the key refers to that the end of the key is wrapped in plastic, which not only plays a beautiful role, prevents sweat from corroding the key, prevents tremor caused by static electricity, and does not hurt your fingers when you screw it hard. Among the car keys, the plastic handle key is the reason for this. Not only to prevent static electricity, the car key must have a button to increase the function of locking, unlocking, and opening the trunk. Therefore, the most commonly seen keys on the market are in the form of hardware encapsulation. The key plastic handle injection molding principle is also very simple, there is no special requirement, the key injection machine is selected according to the complexity of the key function. Ordinary ones without any function can choose JT-150 standard vertical injection molding machine. Adding the disc structure can greatly improve production efficiency. You can choose JTT-450R disc vertical injection molding machine with a clamping force of 45T, and the injection volume is 1-115g. If it is a car key, you can choose JTT-250 high-speed vertical injection molding machine. The advantages of the disc machine are obvious. Vertical mold clamping, upright injection is convenient for inserting body R2, three-column two-station disc, R3 four-post three-station disc, multi-station disc (one upper, two to four lower molds), which can be large Increase production capacity substantially.

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