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Introduction to the working principle of injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-07
Injection molding machine is the abbreviation of injection molding machine. With the rapid development of science and technology, injection molding technology has penetrated into people's daily production and life. The advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection of the injection molding machine make it widely used in various fields such as agricultural development, building materials, culture, education, health, transportation, and electromechanical. Improved production efficiency and promoted the development of environmental protection in my country. If the injection molding machine uses the principle of the thermophysical properties of plastics, with the thrust of the piston of the injection cylinder, the molten material is injected into the cavity of the mold at high speed and high pressure, and the product is obtained through the ejection device after solidification, cooling and shaping. Generally, the molding process of an injection molding machine is divided into five steps: 1. Feeding. Add powdered plastic to the barrel. 2. Melting. The plastic is heated and melted by the rotation of the screw and the outer wall of the barrel. The quality of plasticization is directly related to the quality of molded products. 3. Pressure injection. Inject pressure oil into the injection cylinder, and the screw advances forward, thereby injecting the melt into the mold at high pressure and high speed (the injection must ensure sufficient pressure and speed. Because higher pressure will generate high pressure in the cavity, That is, clamping force). 4. Filling the mold and timing cooling. Keep pressure (the reason why the pressure is kept is to prevent the backflow of the melt in the mold cavity, to replenish the material in time, and to ensure the density and dimensional tolerance of the product), cooling, and solidification. 5. Pickup. 6. Finally close the mold and open the next cycle. Founded in 1990, Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional Ru0026D and manufacturing plant for injection molding machines. Under the guidance of the company's concept innovation, integrity, responsibility, and service, after years of hard work, it has become a world-renowned brand. Machinery welcomes you to call to discuss: 0755-29872412
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