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Introduction to the basic knowledge of injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-17
Crossover into the injection molding industry, given some friends not much concept for injection molding machine, small make up in this to introduce the basic knowledge. The classification of the injection molding machine, to drive the way points: hydraulic injection molding machine, fully electric injection molding machine, gas-electric compound injection molding machine. With the movement direction of the clamping body points: horizontal injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, Angle type injection machine and injection structure points: monochrome, two-color machine, the basic working principle of multi-color machine injection molding machine, injection molding machine is the use of thermal physical properties of plastic, the plastic from the hopper to join cylinder, cylinder by heating coil heating, make the plastic melt, within the cylinder with a rotating screw driven by a motor, plastic under the action of the screw, conveyor and compaction, along the spiral groove in plus heat and plastic screw shear gradually under the dual role of plasticizing, melting and homogenization. When screw rotation, plastic in the spiral groove under the action of friction force and shear force, pushing has molten material to the screw head, at the same time, under the adverse effects of the plastic screw back, make the screw head form the loading space, complete plasticizing process. Then screw in the injection cylinder piston under the action of thrust, with high speed, high pressure, the store is indoor material melt through the nozzle of the injection into the mold cavity, the cavity of the molten material after pressure maintaining and cooling, curing finalize the design, mold under the effect of clamping mechanism, open mould, and through the ejection device to finalize the design good products sets out from the mold. Injection molding is a process of circulation, quantitative feeding each cycle mainly includes: - — The molten plasticizing - — Pressure injection - — Molding cooling - — Rev. Mold, mold closing again after take out the plastic parts, for the next cycle. Whatever you just engaged in injection molding industry or have been for many years the industry elite, if there is doubt can feel free to contact the plastic injection machine, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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