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Introduction to mould labeling technology

by:FUHONG     2020-09-13
Mould labeling technology ( 在模具标签IML) Was born in Europe, the characteristic is not stripping layer and a molding. In forming one label with the principal part of materials directly, embedded in the outer wall of the container. Label material is given priority to with film, plastic material, not only makes for a mould mark labels more exquisite, also improve the wearability of labels, high temperature resistance, waterproof, etc. Mould labeling is a complicated process, it needs injection molding machine, mold, automation, Manipulator) And label four aspects has good mutual cooperation, to ensure smooth completion of a mould stick mark the whole process. Mould stick mark technical difficulties lies in the structure of the mould, the quality of the label, the precision of the manipulator, the open mold positioning precision of injection molding machine, raw material and tag with the contractility and electrostatic adsorption capacity. A mould, a mould labeling forming method stick with two kinds of labeling forming method: blow molding and injection molding. Blow molding process by extruder extrusion cylinder of hollow plastic melt, after gradually fall into the mold, at the same time the mechanical arm ( The mold inside of suction cups) Send labels to mold wall fixed, mold clamp melt cylindrical materials and the air injection made container expansion molding, pressure is released, resin materials can be processed into the shape of a mold. Blow molding containers of most used to hold liquids, including detergent, fruit juice, and personal care products. Injection molding process will be first on the label attached on the inner wall of the mould cavity die, let the Yin and Yang are closed tight, the plastic melt from the nozzle into the mold cavity injection molding. After being cooled, the box body can be separated from the mold. Europe 80% of labeling in the mold is by injection molding. Injection molding products for a variety of dairy products packaging, such as ice cream, spices, etc. These products is considered to be a high grade product in Europe, so to be able to bear the cost of slightly higher mould label. For explicit blow molding and injection molding tags have their characteristics. In general, blow molding with high stiffness of the label, the material on the back of the embossing or frosted surface, facilitate tag when blow molding discharge and air between the bottles. Injection molding with tags because of the need when injection pressure is big, therefore does not need the embossing on the reverse of the material or frosted surface can discharge the air between the label and the bottle. Blow molding with the label of the vacuum standard commonly used in mould process, and the injection molding with the label of the electrostatic absorption standard process commonly used in the mold. For injection molding with the tag production when the pressure is very big, if adopted vacuum standard process, the label will be breakdown, shooting a plastic will plug hole, which affects the continuity of production.
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