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Introduction to molding process and function of silicone injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-05
1. Equipment. 1. Liquid silicone injection molding machine, silicone injection molding machine JTT-550DM has a small plasticizing capacity. slightly. 2. The temperature displayed by the thermometer is not true, the bright high is low, and the material temperature is too low. slightly. 3. The diameter of the inner hole of the nozzle is too large or too small. slightly. 4. The plastic frit blocks the feeding channel. slightly. 5. The nozzle cold material enters the mold. slightly. 6. The injection cycle is too short. slightly. 2. JTT-550DM silicone injection molding machine uses molds. 1. The mold gating system is defective. 2. The mold design is unreasonable. 3. Process. 1. Improper feed adjustment, lack of material or excessive material. Inaccurate feeding measurement or abnormal feeding control system operation, abnormal injection cycle caused by JTT-550DM silicone injection molding machine or mold or operating conditions, low pre-plastic back pressure, or low material density in the barrel may cause material shortage. For large particles, many voids and plastics with large changes in specific volume of crystallinity, the amount of material should be adjusted when the material temperature is too high. When there is too much material at the end of the barrel, the screw will consume extra injection pressure to compact and push the excess stock in the barrel during injection, which greatly reduces the plastic entering the mold cavity, and the effective injection pressure makes The product is difficult to fill. 2. The injection pressure is too low, the injection time is short, and the screw returns too early. Molten plastic has higher viscosity and poor fluidity at lower working temperature, so it should be injected at higher pressure and speed. In the production of color parts, the high temperature resistance of the colorant limits the heating temperature of the barrel, which has to be compensated by higher injection pressure and longer injection time than usual. 3. The injection speed is slow. The injection speed is of great significance for some products with complex shapes, large thickness changes, and long processes, as well as plastics with high viscosity. When the product cannot be filled with high pressure, high-speed injection should be considered to overcome the problem of dissatisfaction. 4. The material temperature is too low. The temperature at the front end of the barrel is low, and the molten material entering the cavity rises too early to the point where it is difficult to flow due to the cooling effect of the mold, which hinders the filling of the far end. The temperature in the back section of the barrel is low, and the plastic with high viscosity is difficult to flow, which hinders the forward movement of the screw. As a result, it seems that the pressure displayed by the pressure gauge is sufficient, but the melt actually enters the cavity at low pressure and low speed. If the nozzle temperature is low, it may be that the nozzle is in contact with the cold mold for a long time during the fixed feeding and loses heat, or the nozzle heating ring is insufficiently heated or has poor contact, resulting in low material temperature, which may block the mold's feeding channel; if the mold does not have cold material Well, with self-locking nozzles and post-feeding procedures, the nozzles can maintain the necessary temperature; the nozzle is too cold when it is just turned on, and sometimes a flame gun can be used for external heating to accelerate the temperature of the nozzle. Fourth, in terms of raw materials, plastics have poor fluidity. Plastic factories often use recycled scrap, and recycled scrap tends to reflect a tendency to increase viscosity. The experiment pointed out that the unit volume density of molecular chain scission generated by oxidative cracking increased, which increased the viscosity of the flow in the barrel and cavity, and the recycled scraps promoted the production of more gaseous substances, resulting in injection pressure loss Increased, causing difficulty in filling the mold. In order to improve the fluidity of plastics, it should be considered to add external lubricants such as stearic acid or its salts, preferably silicone oil (viscosity 300~15000px2/s). The addition of lubricant not only improves the fluidity of the plastic, but also improves the stability and reduces the gaseous state. Recommended reading: Liquid silicone vertical injection molding machine molding injection molded parts black spots and black-brown streak causes and solutions?
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