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Intelligent Thermos Cup Parts Injection Molding Machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-14
As early as 10 years ago, rechargeable and heated vacuum flasks have been purchased on the market. When this concept first came out, the function was quite tasteless. The product highlighted the concept of rechargeability, but ignored the original thermal insulation effect of the vacuum flask. It also pays for freshness. With the development of smart technology, the thermos cups on the market can also be charged wirelessly. The cup body also has the functions of displaying time, temperature, waterproof, etc., and can be bound to the mobile phone APP to achieve smart control and improve the playability. Less, really smart thermos cup. In this era where everything can be connected, a mobile phone can manage various household appliances, such as TVs, lights, stereos, curtains, air conditioners, rice cookers, fans, door locks, cars, etc. Technology makes life easier. More fun. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, said that in the near future, the birth of the brain-computer interface will store human consciousness in nano-devices implanted in the human brain, and cooperate with AI technology to realize the immortality of consciousness. Is it good science fiction? It seems that these images, which can only be found in science fiction movies, are gradually moving towards reality. Going far, back to the topic of smart thermos. There is a case where the production is smart thermos. The customer uses our JTT-850R disc vertical injection molding machine to produce the parts of the smart thermos cup (such as: wireless charging Mirror surface), using pp rubber material, the mirror surface of the sample produced is very bright and smooth. The six advantages of JTT-850R disc vertical injection molding machine: 1. The disc injection molding machine uses LCD display, various functions are displayed clearly and clearly, and 66 sets of module molding parameters are stored randomly. 2. Multi-stage pressure and speed control are used for injection molding and clamping, which can be set according to the requirements of the product, and the adjustment is convenient to ensure the accuracy of the product. 3. Using high-precision P.I.D. temperature control, the temperature control of each section is stable with small errors. 4. Equipped with a hydraulic motor with high torque and low noise, which makes the plasticizing ability better. 5. Adopt electric eye protection device to improve the operator's work safety. 6. Complete models, free selection of single station and double station, making molding more economical.
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