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Inside the mold stickers | a mould production line

by:FUHONG     2020-09-14
Die post ( 安恩科技) — — Mold label, that is, before the mould clamping put labels on the mould, and then through the machine will tags into the product surface. Now, we can see everywhere on IML container, because a mould labeling technology is widely used in food packaging containers. In order to achieve a mould labeling products, it will be a large project, and need for some equipment, mould, etc. Casino holdings group specializing in the production of on IML container, can provide you with one-stop turnkey solution, we have for multinational clients on IML container turnkey production line. The following simple introduce on IML container production line. Die post ( 安恩科技) Mould 1 and mould container wall thickness is in commonly 0. 35 ~ 0. Between 55, number 4 or 8 cavity. 2, container volume is 250 ml to 2000 ml. 3, product molding cycle 3 in general. 5 s to 8 s, but it is based on high speed injection molding machine based on molding cycle. 4, according to the customer's requirements, can be in mold cavity, core tables and beryllium copper, is advantageous for the period of cooling. Dakumar high-speed high-speed injection molding machine controller by computer KEBA brand, origin: Austria. The machine adopts high precision single cylinder injection system, especially suitable for high speed jet, low inertia and high response speed. Also with accumulator injection, the realization of high speed jet. The largest injection speed can reach 300 - 450 mm/SEC, and also equipped with high response servo system, according to the need to provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow, no overflow loss, save electric energy 30% ~ 70%. Dakumar machine has the following five advantages: 1, high speed 2, high efficiency, high security, high precision, high energy saving we each year in China in the international rubber show, Chinaplas) , in the Canton fair and other large-scale exhibitions, will display a variety of containers on IML turnkey projects, regularly every year will also go to some foreign exhibition, show the corresponding products. If you have any question about on IML, welcome to contact us.
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