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Innovative high speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-27
Machinery co. , LTD. Is the excellent high speed machine manufacturers. Every year we export large amounts of injection molding machine to the countries all over the world. And has been committed to the development of high-speed machine, the machine tonnage tonnage from 200 to 600 tonnage, containing PET models, the whole machine design atmosphere, environmental protection, energy saving, and more importantly, the whole machine runs very agile and fast, realize multi-axis linkage, to reduce molding cycle. Machine with large size LCD screen, a variety of national language customers can according to the need for arbitrary switching. Our high speed machine is in the original 1 generation 5 h high-speed machine to optimize the performance of various aspects of integration, and to give the machine is equipped with the appearance of fashion atmosphere sheet metal design, no matter from running speed, appearance, and on the operating performance has very big promotion, more suitable for the ultra-thin products, medical supplies, as well as the production of plastic food packaging products of high speed cycle. High speed machine is in the traditional injection molding machine, after improvement, optimization and innovation, realize the true sense of high speed, high energy saving, high precision injection molding, high stability, the stability of high safety performance. And we are specialized in plastic molding solutions, distribution and plastic industry fields, include injection molding, blow molding, plastic molding production line, plastic plant construction, etc. Seen over the years, the development of the company, the company's new products is also in constant innovation and update, in many important international exhibition, get the customer the consistent high praise and admiration, our oil composite high speed electric machine is to let the customer for the new definition of plastic molding equipment, welcome customers to inquire!
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