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Injection molding processing speed?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-12
Injection molding process is the most important process conditions affect the plasticizing flow and cooling temperature, pressure, speed, and the corresponding action time. So a good injection molding machine is very important for the product. Which focuses on injection molding machine injection molding machine research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, to provide customers a complete set of product solutions. Is mutual influence between these factors and constraints, such as increasing melt and mold temperature, can reduce the injection pressure and speed, etc. , otherwise, they need to increase the injection pressure and speed. The influence of various process conditions of the viscosity of the core is to change, this is for the reasonable selection of parameters in the process of injection and influence each other is very important. Used in the process of injecting the advantages of high speed injection: (1) reduce injection time, shorten the molding cycle; 2 improve plastic process, be helpful for thin-walled parts molding; (3) can improve the surface gloss of products; (4) can improve the strength of the weld line, make the welding lines is not obvious 5] prevent produces cooling deformation, etc. Used in the process of injection injection at low speed advantages: (1) prevent molding products have flash, waste removal; 2 prevents jet flow lines and lines; (3) to prevent the combustion seal; (4) to prevent the plastic melt generated gas entrapment phenomenon; 5] prevent molecular orientation deformation, etc. High speed is close to the injection molding processing speed and the quality of the products, injection of the advantages and disadvantages of injection at low speed, and vice versa. Therefore, adopting the combination of high speed and low speed in the process of injection can make full use of their advantages and avoid their shortcomings, to ensure product quality and process efficiency. This is our normal referred to in multi-stage injection technology, injection molding machine is the use of the injection technology. Injection molding machine is widely used in food packaging industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, household appliances industry, medical, daily necessities and other fields, customers in Europe. America, southeast Asia and Africa and other regions.
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