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Injection Molding Machine Use for Teletronics

Injection Molding Machine Use for Teletronics

Electronic products: consumer electronic products, displays, smart phones and other plastic parts

 In the electronic industry, there are more stringent precision requirements for injection molding, and greater demand for customized process. FUHONG can customize different machines according to the needs of customers, so that the injection molding machine is more suitable for customers' products.

Precision: FUHONG injection molding machine adopts high-quality screws, special high-quality alloy material and treatment, and focuses on the design to improve the structure and precision, so as to achieve unique injection measurement and high standard precision.

Short delivery time: fast delivery of injection molding machine to ensure the production of customers.

Simple operation: high-precision rapid shaping can be realized very easily by the reliable intelligent control system, and the complex process can be realized by simple operation through the function of powerful software control.

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