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Injection molding machine system energy-saving principle is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-10
The principle of the injection molding machine system 1. Molding mechanical and electrical hydraulic control technology status quo of contemporary domestic almost machine application of electro-hydraulic proportional complementary technology, its technical characteristic is to use the 3-way proportional speed control valve control the speed, and then on the basis of its increasing proportion pressure pilot valve control system. Modern initial design is to use an element of separation system, the system achieve the considerably reduce the amount of components, simplified structure, but because the quantitative pump for injection molding machine oil supply, work always exist in the process of energy loss, especially in the process of pressure, this part of the energy consumption in the maximum. 2. Load sensing liquid injection mechanical and electrical systems for valve controlled electrohydraulic control system has a relatively large energy loss, the foreign development of the application of variable pump and electro-hydraulic proportional valve combination of load sensing type injection mechanical and electrical hydraulic control system. Speed of movement of the actuator will be through the proportional throttle valve flow and combination of variable pump to control. Import and export hydraulic feedback proportional throttle valve to the variable pump control mechanism of pilot valve, through a differential feedback adjustment pump variable mechanism, make the pump output flow always consistent with the required load. So that it can eliminate the quantitative pump and proportional valve control is related to the flow of energy loss, the system in the process of adjustment, the proportional throttle valve differential pressure at the ends of the import and export of constant, so by the flow proportional throttle valve can be controlled by electrical signal continuous proportion. The pressure difference in general is 1. 5 - 2MPa。 When the system pressure to achieve proportional relief valve VDB1 restrictions by the set value, the system will transfer from state of flow control to pressure control state, the system only output flow necessary to sustain the pressure. Injection molding machine adopts the combination of valve and pump, can be open loop or closed loop control of clamping mechanism, injection molding process, back pressure and auxiliary motion of the actuator. In order to control the filling pressure in the process of plasticizing, increased the overflow, the main valve VDB2 control with proportional pilot relief valve pressure.
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