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Injection molding machine screw nozzle of disassembly, repair and maintenance

by:FUHONG     2020-10-06
Plasticizing unit is equipped with the rotating mechanism in general. In injection molding machine screw, nozzle installation and barrel, the first injection should be positioning screw loosen, the deflection Angle to the original position, the injection molding machine barrel axis away from the axis of the clamping device, to facilitate the disassembling of injection molding machine screw, barrel and maintenance. one Injection molding machine screw nozzle remove if the barrel inside leftover material, should be heated to plasticizing temperature, the thermal stability of high polyolefin resin or barrel for cleaning materials, fully for high-speed washing, as far as possible from the residual material, can enter the removal work. Because of the nozzle parts residual material always cannot all eduction, reason should be heating nozzle or barrel head, then remove the nozzle. After injection molding machine screw nozzle heats up, with special hammers, loose, all loose bolt is unfavorable, in loose to 2/3 knock gently, after being internal gas release, then remove the nozzle. Injection molding machine screw nozzle internal cleaning, should be performed under the high temperature hot, so that the residual molten material from the nozzle hole out port. Way is: from the nozzle to internal injection mold release agent, that is, from the nozzle thread on one side to the material and lining wall between the seepage demoulding drops, which makes the material away from the wall and thus remove material from the nozzle. two Maintenance of injection molding machine screw nozzle spray nozzle and mould positioning sets of contact part, in the production of any unilateral contact or poor contact, the front-end spherical R part can appear deformation, the formation of the melt escape the groove, produce the nozzle material overflow, and diameter part also can appear deformation, so the material overflow should check repair in time. 3. Should check the threaded portion of the nozzle regularly in good condition and the sealing surface on one side of the barrel, if discover wear or corrosion is serious, should be replaced in a timely manner. Four. Check internal channels of injection molding machine screw nozzle by air injection can observe the injection of molten material of the surface quality, and the residual liquid discharged from the nozzle can more accurately reproduce the flow situation in the nozzle. Therefore, analysis of residual liquid in nozzle and the temperature distribution.
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