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Injection molding machine pressure application profile

by:FUHONG     2020-10-11
Injection molding machine injection pressure control can be divided into is an injection pressure, the secondary injection pressure ( The holding) Or more than three times the injection pressure control. Pressure switch timing is appropriate, to prevent the pressure in the mold is too high, and prevent excessive or lack of material is very important. Mold volume depends on the holding stage gate closed when the pressure and temperature melting. If every time a switch from pressure to product cooling stage of the pressure and temperature are consistent, then the products of the volume will not change. Decided to products in constant molding temperature, the size of the injection molding machine holding pressure is the most important parameters, the most important variable to affect the products size tolerance is the holding pressure and temperature. Example: at the end of the mold filling, the holding pressure reducing immediately, when the surface to form a certain thickness, the holding pressure rise again, so that we can with low molding mould clamping force thick wall of large products, eliminate the collapse pit and flash. The holding pressure and velocity is usually plastic filling cavity when the pressure and speed of 50% ~ 65%, namely the holding pressure lower than the injection pressure is about 0. 6 ~ 0. 8MPa。 Due to the holding pressure is lower than the injection pressure, in a considerable pressure keeping time, oil pump load is low, the service life of solid fuel pump to extend, at the same time, it reduces the power consumption of the oil pump motor. Three-level pressure injection can make smooth filling mould parts, and there will be no weld line, sag, flash and warping deformation. For thin-walled parts, long small, long process large stamping injection molding machine molding, even cavity configuration is not balanced and not too tightly clamping parts molding is good.
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