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Injection molding machine operator manual

by:FUHONG     2020-09-17
See such a behavior specification operation, mainly about our operators in the injection molding workshop should have what kind of behavior and operation requirements specification, feel very good, share with you, many clients have told us why injection workshop always appear many problems, I also have deep consideration for this, in fact, sometimes not all was not well done, but we don't have to create a good environment, everyone is asked to specification will drive up, injection molding machine is willing to share for you. 1, the operator should arrive 15 minutes in advance of the transition. 2, check the safety valve is normal. 3, check the mold for sensor. 4, automatic or semi-automatic production, may not line, take products. 5, shall not change the parameters in the computer. 6, any abnormal situation, should inform foreman stop processing. 7, the operator shall not operate machinery, the operator shall not violate the machine operation instruction, are not allowed to not post mechanical operation, no any consequences occur accident, cause economic loss compensation according to price and bear legal responsibility. 8, the operator must keep clean and the surrounding health. 9, produce the good parts of plastic bags must write a note into the good parts rubber bag, post-it note must write the name of specifications, the material level. After the 10, when the product production, please clean up the table and underground irrelevant items. 11, in the production of the product, employees need to know the product name, product specifications, quality requirements, etc. , don't know must be asked the captain, minister, or quality control. 12, when encounter quality not clear will find qc asked.
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