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Injection molding machine operation specification is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-07
Injection molding machine is a security needs a higher operation positions, if easy to mold damage or malfunction caused by improper operations, serious still can cause personal injury, injection molding machine, as a premium brand injection molding machine industry, hope everybody take safety measures in the use of injection molding machine. Injection molding machine before operation, check the electric control box for water, oil and other impurities to enter, if be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not switch on. Shall have the maintenance personnel will be electrical parts is wiped dry before you boot. Injection molding machine before operation, check whether the power supply voltage is conform to, should not be commonly more than plus or minus 6%, this problem will not be very big. Check the urgent stop switch, note before and after the safety door can normally closed. Verify motor and oil pump rotation direction. Check whether the cooling pipe long distance open, and the oil cooler and barrel end of the cooling jacket into the water. DKM injection molding machine before operation, check the activity place for lubricating oil, add the lubricating oil and. Open the electric heating, heating tube paragraphs of the machine. When the temperature of the paragraphs is achieved, and then heat preservation for a period of time, so that the machine temperature to stabilize. Holding time according to the requirement of the different equipment and plastic raw materials. Foot plastic particles in a hopper. According to different requirements of plastic injection molding, some raw materials such as ABS/PC is best first after drying, otherwise the product easy to produce the silver pattern, etc. To cover the barrel on the insulation plate, so that we can save electricity, and can prolong the life of electric heating circle and current contactor. Not for convenience, cancel the exit at will. Observe the pressure oil temperature, oil temperature is not beyond the prescribed scope. Ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil in 45 - shall be maintained 35-50 ℃, average in 60 ℃ range is more appropriate. Pay attention to adjust the travel switch, avoid machine in action during the impact. After the injection molding machine operation, it should be clear plastic barrel inside, prevent or leftover material oxidation thermal decomposition for a long time. Mould should be open, to toggle lever mechanism of time in the blocking state. Must be equipped with lifting equipment in the workshop. Mould should be very careful, installation to ensure production safety.
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