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Injection molding machine of choose and buy you should pay attention to matters

by:FUHONG     2020-09-29
New to injection molding industry, injection molding machine was afraid of was pit of choose and buy, if you do the following a few things, you can avoid being 'slaughter', and buy a cost-effective, suitable for their own production injection molding machine. 1, the application of information collection parts size and the gram of directional material specifications to determine the injection molding machine. 2, determine the required clamping force to check parts height, wall thickness, material, core and plane, to determine the required clamping force of injection molding machine 3, to verify the selected check mould dimension space of injection molding machine clamping device: horizontal, vertical, and closing high corresponding to the selected injection molding machine clamping device; When it is necessary to increase clamping choosing injection molding machine, please look for professional injection molding machine of sales staff members. Injection molding machine welcome your inquiry.
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