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Injection molding machine meet injection requirements of different products

by:FUHONG     2020-10-06
In order to meet people's demand to injection molding products, to meet the demand of market, the plastic industry of engineering and technical personnel through continuous efforts, improve the injection molding machine structure, operation mode to improve production efficiency. At the same time gradually to injection molding products production of high speed, automation direction. The following action plan is very good to make injection molding machine is improved, the quality get distillation. 1. Increase injection molding machine cycles per unit time: by improving the material model adopting the screw rotation speed, speed up the injection speed of melting, so as to shorten the production cycle of single products injection molding, thus to achieve the effect of increasing cycles. 2. An injection machine is equipped with two injection cylinder. Pre plastic screw can in turn to two injection tube feeding, to achieve continuous injection. 3. Adopt double set of mold injection molding. Work, two sets of mould rotation displacement, make the injection liquid and cooling, mould process in two points simultaneously, shorten the plastic stop waiting time, increase the production capacity of injection machine nearly doubled. 4. Automation: in the process of injection parts molding production, by using the computer for raw material conveying, barrel feeding, process temperature control and mould and stamping out a fully automatic process control. 5. In order to make the plastic injection products can work in a variety of special environment, with different performance of plastic production out of the plastic products can adapt to various working environment. The different performance of plastic products, injection molding process conditions are different, this causes the injection machine to the special development. Such as has good electrical properties, physical properties and heat resistance, not easily deformed products production with thermosetting plastic injection molding machine, a variety of colors, a variety of raw materials compound with multi-color injection molding machine, to improve product quality and design of exhaust type injection machine, fiber reinforced plastic injection machine, low foam injection machine and injection blow molding machine, etc. 6. Injection molding production process, some of which have been using flow injection molding and injection compression molding, sandwich injection molding, reaction injection molding and the gas-assisted injection molding and so on.
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