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Injection molding machine manipulator?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-14
In the current, the traditional manufacturing enterprises a wide range of industrial automation direction upgraded, from all walks of life have become increasingly high degree of automation. Modern processing workshops are equipped with basic manipulator to improve the production efficiency, and complete artificial hard work or dangerous work. Then using manipulator rest easy? In fact, when installing a manipulator, due to incorrect operation of the workers and often leads to some problem with one of the manipulator, the small make up to share the eight rules of manipulator with injection molding machine installation: 1, all of the manipulator linear and rotational movements all can set the scene, and can be set in a certain error range, once more than the set value of the error, can timely alarm and stop the action, and on a touch screen display the fault information. 2, injection molding machine or mechanical failure, injection molding machine and manipulator can interlock, namely mechanical failure. 3, arm with anti-collision function: when a wrong operation, the program is equipped with automatic anti-collision function, according to the motor torque automatic judgment and stop the action, can minimize the loss. 4, manipulator and the action of injection molding machine is consistent, that is, won't produce home also will not interfere with the action of injection molding machine, also won't caused by movement of the manipulator of the injection molding machine production cycle so excessive extension. 5, injection molding machine (when the outage Replace downtime, normal downtime, mold, equipment maintenance, etc. ) , you can manually placed manipulator in a safe location or other necessary position; Will not interfere with the mould replacement and maintenance operations. 6, manipulator failure ( If you don't reach the designated position, did not take out of products, product drop, etc. ) Will immediately report to the police and stop on a touch screen display its fault, quickly ruled out. 7, some products need manipulator consists of mold release spray system, spraying mold release agent can be accurate after open mold spray to the cavity ( The nozzle Angle adjustable) , and can adjust dosage, can set the frequency of spraying. 8, that is, all parameters and data set can be set and modified, through the computer and then executed on the next to the manipulator system, can also set parameters and data on mechanical hands directly.
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