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Injection molding machine is how to operate?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-19
Injection molding machine running characteristics is running under high temperature, high speed and high pressure. Attaches great importance to the safe operation of the injection molding machine more operating. Before driving to check the safety of the injection molding machine equipment, electrical equipment and mechanical moving parts intact, can electrify boot, which would require operators adhere to our factory to develop & quot; Injection molding machine operation procedure & quot; To operate. Introduce the switch of injection molding machine process. Electric injection molding machine, equipped with PC and display, plastic injection, die and ejection choose electronic scale, this machine than the relay circuit of the injection molding machine of the electrical device is small in size, the contact is not easy to happen less electrical failure, convenient operation intuitive, high control precision, easy to process complex plastic products. On safety is equipped with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic triple protection, operation is more safe for people and equipment. Open the total power supply first, and then open the machine power supply, twist the red emergency button on the operation panel; When the screen shows the vendor information, press the number keys or the picture select key, enter the manual state; On the processing conditions ( Such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc. ) Set to confirm; 4. Check whether the raw materials is consistent with the product requirements to be production, and check for dehumidification time; After confirm the same, open the electric switch, heated; Should be observed on the display at this time whether the temperature display abnormal, such as heating up too fast or not, problems should be resolved in a timely manner, can not solve must report to shift supervisor in time; Start the machine motor, check the actions ( Including the opening and closing mode, thimble, etc. ) Whether normal, whether the movement parts lubrication, cleaning the mould cavity surface oil pollution, at the same time, should check whether the mold cooling system is clear; To change unreasonable process parameters, prepared for the trial production; Cylinder temperature after reaching the set value, use the function of rubber and plastic tube more than the original material in the material extrusion, until out of new materials, extrusion new material should be gloss, without impurities, no burning, no bubble, no black spots; At the same time, the shoot glue nozzle should be no jam phenomenon; After confirm the process condition again, shut the door, closing again, confirm the high position after arrival, manual injection pedestal into; After confirm the nozzle and mold gate fully cooperate, turn the knob on the limit switch on the machine; Open the door, semi-automatic button to close the door for trial production; After confirm qualified products and production process is in normal production!
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