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Injection molding machine installation and debugging

by:FUHONG     2020-09-29
(1), the installation of equipment installation of injection molding machine should be placed in ventilated, dry, dust-free, and there is enough space, in order to make sure can around the equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, and shall ensure that the operator can easily to patrol, take products, transport products. Where should leave enough space to install the equipment. (2), equipment debugging injection molding machine has been set before they go out, after installation set-up mainly for the following items: frame on a flat level adjustment, longitudinal zero tolerance. 20 mm/m, lateral allowable tolerance on 0. 16mm/m( By the shock legs to adjust) 。 Adjustment of nozzle center c ( By firing adjustment bolt) 。 (3), the preparation before commissioning before injection molding machine operation, it is necessary to leave factory has been the site of a lubricating oil to add again. For the protection of the equipment with centralized lubrication system should check before for lubricating oil deposit in the amount of oil stored in the lubrication pump, such as lubricating oil quantity is not enough, should be added to the amount. Boot after the operation to check the oil level again, such as insufficient to refuel again, in order to ensure the equipment running well, the gas to be filtered to add to the fuel tank, can through the air filter or filter oil vehicles to join, and models of hydraulic oil is a mixture of different products, it will make all the hydraulic oil deterioration. ④。 Commissioning of three-phase power supply wiring should make motor drives the pump rotation in the right direction. ( Please note: be sure to fill hydraulic system of the fuel tank is applicable of the hydraulic oil, to start the pump) 。
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