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Injection molding machine injection molding process

by:FUHONG     2020-10-08
Injection pressure is in the process of production of injection molding machine for plastic pressure, almost all the injection pressure of injection machine are in piston or screw at the top of plastic pressure ( By the oil pressure conversion) Shall prevail. Injection pressure in injection molding, the role of is, to overcome the flow resistance of plastic flowing from cylinder cavity, given the rate of molten material molding and compaction of molten material. The time required to complete an injection molding process molding cycle, also known as the cycles. It includes the following several parts: molding cycle: molding cycle directly affect the labor productivity and utilization rate of equipment. In the process of production, therefore, should be on the premise of guarantee quality, try to shorten the molding cycle time of all. In the molding cycle, with injection time and cooling time is the most important, they have a decisive influence on the quality of products. Mold filling time of injection time is directly on the mold filling rate, for the production of molding time is about 3 - general 5 seconds. Injection molding machines in the holding time is the cavity pressure time, plastic in the large proportion in the whole injection time, usually about 20 - 120 seconds ( Thick parts can be up to 5 ~ 10 minutes) 。 At the gate before freezing, melting the holding time of how many, dimensional accuracy of products are affected, if in the future, no effect. The holding time, also have the most value, known it depends on the temperature. If mainstream mould temperature and the mainstream and gate of trail and the size of the gate and process conditions are normal, usually is to get products shrinkage range minimum pressure value shall prevail. Cooling time is mainly decided by the thickness of products, thermal and crystallization properties of plastics, and mould temperature, etc. The end of the cooling time should be in place to ensure that products mold release when not cause changes for the principle, general about cooling timeliness between 30 to 120 seconds, cooling time is too long is not necessary, not only reduce the production efficiency, the complex will also cause demoulding difficult parts, injection molding machine was even forced demoulding release stress. Other time of the molding cycle is linked to the production process is continuous and automatic and continuous and the degree of automation and so on.
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