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Injection molding machine injection molding operation is

by:FUHONG     2020-10-09
The operation of the injection machine: a. Open the total power injection machine and the switch, turning the emergency stop button b. Press the dashboard mount up to start button and electrical hot keys, open motor and cylinder temperature ( Press 1 times the upper left corner to open the light is bright, press once again the top left corner lights went out to stop) c。 C - choose operation way 1 point move: mode is used when up and down, use the c - also known as the variable 2: manually choose this way to the corresponding switch on the dashboard, when press the corresponding action, only fingers freeing the stop c - 3 semi-automatic: choose this way, a need to switch the security, the machine is doing mold-shut shoot the loading ( Cooling) Open mould ChuDing retreat, circulation, open door again, making cycle c - once again 4. Automatic: choose this way operation, close the door, the machine repeats mold-shut ejection head back, Products took out confirmation) Mold-shut to open the door or choose other ways to operate, production has inclined top/slider mould is prohibited to use. d。 Mould opening switch action set: 1: a general setting of slow fast slow, mold-shut generally set for rapid low pressure low speed high voltage clamping. Low pressure can not be more than 15 kg/cm squared biggest 2: position between low pressure and high pressure is big 2 mm, fast and low pressure between location is in commonly 50 mm e. Molding temperature setting: according to various materials forming the required temperature setting, when change the set temperature shall not exceed 5 a & amp; 度; , feed temperature is lower than melting temperature at least 10 ℃, stay on the machine according to the actual temperature reaches set temperature, the change set temperature shall not exceed 5 ℃, at a time when another twenty minutes to melt, can be shot shot back. f。 Injection/pressure setting: injection set points more and paragraph, according to the quality of the products required for setting, can be used as far as possible using high-speed, high-speed jet molding products 95% full conversion pressure maintaining. Pressurize the need to speed up time and location when a no more than 5 kg and 2%, the first mold products shall not exceed 70% of the products, to prevent the product mould. The holding time switch: switch points when injection action to set injection time conversion pressure immediately. In production downtime again after more than 10 minutes must now drop pressure 30% when the phone is switched on after that slowly began to recover the original shape parameters. Position switch: in shot time, injection to set position, namely the transformation pressure or the injection did not reach setting position, when set to also immediately convert the holding. Pressure switch: when the injection pressure set point or after shot to set a time into the holding pressure setting: according to the molding products set the corresponding pressure and time needed for the quality of the g. Reservoir feeding cooling: as far as possible the loading pressure is small, medium speed, gradually low, shot back speed should be as slow as possible, in order to avoid air feed tube, affect the quality of products, cooling time according to the product's thickness and mold temperature, to meet with the demand of the products shall prevail. Cooling time and the loading time at the same time, when the loading time is greater than the cooling time is the loading finished open mold by doing action; When the loading time is less than the cooling time, after the loading to finish cooling timing to do open mold h. Back pressure setting: according to the products needed, general with air-launched store material, shoot tip flow has a small rubber screw position can back again for the principle, back pressure shall not exceed 30 kg/biggest cm squared. 我。 Demoulding Settings: first of all confirm the mold ejection position and situation to set the location of the corresponding products stripping, stripping pressure as small as possible in order to make products shall prevail, speed according to the requirements of the product as soon as possible, according to the situation of the products set corresponding demoulding way. After ejection thimble half off, the product is not retreated, stay mold-shut before return; Set time, set the corresponding number of out products after stripping, thimble ejection returned, after ejection to set number of times so far; Vibration set out after the corresponding number of ejection, thimble exit return half out repeat until setting number again, return again. When production or test must make clear mold ejection device design, inclined top and slider mould must be thimble completely reset to clamping.
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