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Injection molding machine injection molding and processing is introduced

by:FUHONG     2020-09-11
Injection molding machine injection molding and processing is introduced the basic principle of injection molding, injection molding machine using plastic heated to a certain temperature after can melt into the nature of the liquid into the molten liquid sealed cavity after cooling to finalize the design mould inside out to get the required plastic products. Injection molding of four elements: 1. Plastic mold injection molding machine 2 3. 4 forming conditions of plastic raw materials. Plastic mold used most junior die, three board die, there are also part of a mould with the slider. Basic structure of the male ( Lower die) 1, male die is fixed plate, and auxiliary plate, thimble, and templates. 2. Master pattern ( Upper die) Mother template cavities, fixed plate, into the aprons, locating ring. 3. HengWen cooling system ( Scale) Mold temperature. Four, injection molding machine is mainly composed of plasticizing, injection device, clamping device and a transmission mechanism; Electric drive motor, the motor oil pump, hydraulic pump, hydraulic piston, piston driven mechanical, mechanical action. Injection molding machine of some way to distinguish: according to the injection mode can be divided into: 1. Horizontal injection molding machine 2. Vertical injection molding machine 3. Angle type injection molding machine 4. Multi-color injection molding machine. In accordance with the clamping way can be divided into: 1. Direct pressure type injection molding machine 2. Crankshaft, injection molding machine 3. Direct pressure, the compound of the crankshaft. In accordance with the charging mode can be divided into: 1. 2 plunger type plastic injection. Single screw injection molding machine 3. Reciprocating screw injection molding machine.
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