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Injection molding machine how to choose and buy?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-05
Injection molding machine of choose and buy is good or bad or not directly affects the injection molding machine after the usage of the following is said about the injection molding machine of choose and buy some details. 1. DKM injection molding machine application information collection, parts size and orientation material specifications injection molding size 2. Determine the required clamping force, check parts height, wall thickness, material, core and plane, to determine the required clamping force. 3. Verification of space selected clamping device, verify the mould size: horizontal, vertical, and close the relationship between the clamping device of high corresponding to the selected: when it is necessary to add in the clamping mode choice. 4. Expected to injection molding machine cycle time, according to the wall thickness, process, gate thickness, rib and flange, decided to roughly the filling, packing and cooling time, according to the height of the parts ( Clamping stroke) , cores and slide valve action and any necessary components of effluent, decided to roughly clamping transverse effluent time and parts. This will help to decide the operation of the machine for the specification. 5. Injection molding machine clamping speed up fixed machine clamping and dry cycle performance is enough to reach to the required performance. If required more work performance, to determine whether more rapid speed of transverse share and/or use. Check the increase rate of clamping pressure and take up decision. 6. Injection molding machine injection unit selection, determining a unit with sufficient volume, can accept the injection volume of injection. General selection is required for injection somewhere between ten percent to eighty percent of the total capacity. 7. Injection molding machine production capacity of 7. 1 injection molding machine output weight per hour, to verify the selected unit to produce the required output, production output pounds per hour. If the selected unit weakness to production, increase the length diameter ratio, and then review again. If increased length diameter ratio is not working, and can increase swollen injection unit size and screw implant diameter, then again to verify the results. 7. Extraction yield 2 injection molding machine, using the selected standard the mode-locked pump group and the injection unit of a motorized extrusion machine, decided to extraction and spiral screw to fill or fill the minimum value of time. Such as, Contact) Intermittent time is greater than 0 to fill time with spiral decompression. 5 seconds, can progress to the next step. If ( Contact) Combine the both filling and screw decompression again in time, check the following options. Choose one or a set of below, recalculate the fill time again, check these take up repeatedly, until get the desired results.
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