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Injection molding machine how to boot?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-05

as long as there is a journey without a reset switch, injection molding machine will not automatically into the next step, today small make up to you about the our high-speed machine boot process: 1, injection molding machine on the total power switch, check whether the device is leakage, according to set the request to the barrel, mould preheating temperature, the barrel temperature reaches process temperature must be above heat for 20 minutes. Make sure that each part of the barrel temperature uniformity. 2, open the oil cooler cooling water valve, the oil and cooling water pipes, point start the oil pump, found no abnormal phenomenon, will officially start the oil pump, after waiting for screen display motor drive to run action, check the security role. 3, manually start the screw rotation, to check the screw rotation noise without exception and jammed. 4, operators must use the exit, such as no boot for exit travel switch fail, do not do not use the exit ( Hood) Operation. 5, equipment operation of electrical, hydraulic and rotational part of all kinds of cover plate, cover to cover, such as fixed. 6, the operator on duty, to anyone without permission are not allowed to press the button, handle, forbid to two or more than two people at the same time operating the same injection molding machine. 7, put to firm and reliable, mould, insert mould clamping process of abnormal should stop immediately, notify the relevant personnel. 8, machine repair, or a long time, More than 10 minutes) Clean up the mould, must first injected back from nozzle mould, turn off the motor, maintenance personnel to repair the machine, operators are not allowed to be off duty. 9, some people in processing machine or mold when anyone is allowed to start the motor. 10, body into the machine tool or mould open files, must cut off power supply. 11, avoid in the mold is opened, injecting a impact mode, so as not to die off. 12, the empty DKM injection molding machine generally no more than 5 seconds, two consecutive note motionless, notice to inform the person nearby to avoid the danger zone. Clean the nozzle plastic head, not clear by hand, using iron pliers or other tools, lest produce burns. 13, plastic tube in the process of work there is a high temperature, high pressure and high power, prohibit trample on plastic barrel, climbing and suspended items, in case the soup injury, electric shock and fire. 14, in the case of hopper no fewer than expected, not allowed to use metal bar, bar, rough stab hopper, avoid damage split screen, the screen protection cover in the hopper and magnet frame, if a metal bar in the screw rotation state easily happened involved in barrel of serious damage to the equipment accident. 15, found in the operation of the machine tool equipment abnormal noise, bad breath, a spark, the abnormal situation such as oil leakage, should immediately stop, immediately report to the relevant personnel, and explains the possible reasons for the failure phenomenon and happen. 16, pay attention to safety operation, does not allow for any reason or excuse, make equipment may cause personal injury or damage to the mode of operation.
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