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Injection molding machine control program?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-19
Speed program control of injection molding machine injection screw injection stroke is divided into 3 ~ 4 stages, in each phase, respectively, using their appropriate injection speed. For example: in the beginning of the molten plastic through gate to slow down the injection speed, the high-speed injection molding process, slow down at the end of the mold filling. Using this method, can prevent the material overflow, eliminate the flow mark, and reduce the residual stress of products, etc. Using high speed and high pressure injection is as follows: (to the situation 1) Plastic viscosity is high, the cooling speed, long process using low pressure slow parts cannot be completely filled with every corner of the cavity; ( 2) Parts of wall thickness is too thin, think over thin wall condensation stranded, must adopt a high-speed injection, to make energy consume immediately before melting into the mold cavity; ( 3) Using glass fiber reinforced plastic, or contains a large number of filler material plastic, due to poor liquidity, in order to get the surface smooth and even parts, must use the high speed and high pressure injection. For high precision products, thick wall parts, large wall thickness change and have thicker flange and steel parts, had better use multi-stage injection, such as level 2, level 3 and level 4 or even 5, if conditions permit, can do special plane.
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