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Injection molding machine clamping?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-11
Injection molding machine clamping parts with oblique line five fulcrum of elbow type clamping structure, its various parameters determined by special computer software after optimization design, makes the clamping unit of action to achieve the best condition: three pieces of the design of the template with finite element analysis, to the rational allocation of materials, the template has the very high fatigue limit, even under full load working conditions to ensure high stability and high reliability. Pull rod by the high quality alloy steel after tempering process strictly, finish machining, hard chromium plating, high strength and high wear resistance, high quality alloy material strength and better hardenability, extensibility, after quenched and tempered high fatigue limit and repeated impact resistance; Injection molding machine in terms of tie rod structure design, draw lessons from the demag technology made some improvements on its original structure, in the stem increased the royal Netherlands trough, reduces the stress concentration and improve the ability of resistance to fatigue. Injection molding machine template bearing is made of Angle iron or elastic hydraulic support system, protect the pull rod, mold and prolong its service life, improve the quality of plastic products. Automatic mold thickness adjustment device of hydraulic motor drive, can make the mould quickly and accurately adjust to the best position, greatly shorten the time adjustment. Bent elbow oil bearing bushing design, make lubrication effect is better, for half a month a lubricating oil saves the cost a tidy lubricating oil, and the machine appear beautiful, clean. The design of the hydraulic ejection device using a variety of ways, can according to user requirements set arbitrary hydraulic pressure and flow rate. Change the ejection strength and speed, protect mold and products, increase the yield of the product. Injection molding machine can realize ultrasensitive low voltage protection module and function as well as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic triple security protection function.
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