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Injection molding machine after-sales maintenance is usually?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-30
The latest injection molding machine maintenance content, thoroughly break 'injection molding machine need maintenance' circle, break through the injection production and development of 'bottleneck', to promote the enterprises to realize automation and unmanned lay the foundation. Four big breakthrough change 'injection molding machine maintenance, only do not take the maintenance' backward ideas, help injection enterprises taking the path of the development of science and injection molding, improve corporate image, enhance customer confidence and molding the enterprise the competitive ability. Five major breakthrough thoroughly get rid of the injection molding process is not stable, screw, machine hinge, cut green column, machine plate deformation, machine oil, circuit board burn, machine oil, wear green column, hydraulic oil change cycle is short, the failure rate is high. Six major breakthrough to extend the service life of the injection molding machine 5 ~ 10 years, substantial cost reduce the injection molding machine to update and reduce enterprise provide for injection molding machine injection molding machine repair and maintenance personnel and labor costs of inputs.
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