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Injection molding machine accessories part of the common faults is what?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-22
Common fault injection molding machine accessories: a. An abnormal cooling system cooling system is not normal might be due to the cooling system is in short supply, the water stopper is not fully open, insufficient water pressure or pump flow is not in conformity with the needs and so on. two Any blockage ( Such as filter, cooling towers, or pipe plug) 。 3. The hydraulic system to produce high heat 1. Oil pump is damaged, the internal parts in high speed rotation wear generate heat. 2. Hydraulic system pressure regulating improper, long-term in a state of high pressure and overheating. 3. Hydraulic components of leakage, such as directional valve damage or sealing ring damage to high-pressure oil flow through small space to generate heat. Four. Noise ( Abnormal noise, said parts damaged or improper adjustment, should check the reason according to the location of the noise from the real-time maintenance) 1, the hydraulic oil tank, oil pump suction air or oil filter dirt blocking leads to pump oil shortage, lead to bubbles in the oil discharge blade impact and noise, the solution is to check the oil, to prevent the inhalation of air and oil filter cleaning. 2, the hydraulic oil of high viscosity, increase the resistance to flow, need to replace the appropriate hydraulic oil. 3, or leaf damage due to oil pump or motor bearing, coupling the concentricity deviation caused by noise, must adjust the concentricity or replacement parts. 4, direction valve failure but function is still in the reaction, such as valve core, internal leakage, burr obstruction, mobile is not flexible, electromagnetic valve failure due to lack of current also can produce noise. Solution is to clean the valve core, valve core wear must change the new parts, current must be stable and sufficient. 5, hydraulic components damaged or oil pipeline blocking the hydraulic oil generated when the high-speed flow noise. 6, mechanical parts, bearing wear or mechanical lack of lubricating oil or loose parts, should find out why will tighten or replace parts, ensure adequate lubricating oil. Five, the production is not stable or unqualified in stable production cycle, product quality is not stable, may be caused by mechanical parts wear or improper adjustment. 1, machine barrel, screw, non-return of wear and tear. 2, oil injection in cylinder seal damage resulting in leakage. 3, the temperature control of the heating tube is not stable. 4, pressure, speed control part of the disorder. Injection molding machine send engineers to help customers to install the machine, the debugging and running, ready-made mould workshop worker skills training! In one year warranty, will guarantee of free replacement parts! If the machine is beyond warranty period, still can provide very quick service, especially in the area of set up service center! In order to provide better services, countries are looking for more engineers service team! We are waiting for more skilled team to join us! In order to provide better service!
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