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How to use the plug injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-15
A. Vertical injection molding machine oil temperature: For hydraulic machines, it is the heat generated by the friction of the hydraulic oil in the continuous operation of the machine. It is controlled by cooling water. When starting up, make sure that the oil temperature is around 45°C. Too high or too low temperature will affect the transmission of pressure. B. Vertical injection molding machine material temperature: the temperature of the barrel. This temperature should be set according to the shape and function of the material and product. If there is a document description, set it according to the document. C. Mold temperature of vertical injection molding machine: This temperature is also an important parameter. Its level has a great influence on the performance of the product. Therefore, the function and structure of the product must be considered when setting, and the material and cycle must also be considered. A. The speed setting of opening and closing molds. The setting of opening and closing molds is generally based on the principle of slow-fast-slow. This setting mainly considers the vertical injection molding machine, mold, and cycle. B. Ejection setting: It can be set according to the structure of the product. If the structure is complex, it is better to eject some at a slow speed and then use a quick demoulding to shorten the cycle. C. Vertical injection molding machine shooting speed: set according to the size and structure of the product. If the structure is complex and thinner, it can be fast, if the structure is simple and the wall thickness can be slow, but also according to the performance of the material, from slow to fast set up. A. Injection pressure: According to the size of the product, the thickness of the wall, from low to high, other factors should be considered when debugging. B. Holding pressure: The holding pressure is mainly to ensure the product shape and stable size, and its setting should also be set according to the structure and shape of the product. C. Low-pressure protection pressure of vertical injection molding machine: This pressure mainly protects the mold and minimizes the damage of the mold. D. Clamping force of vertical injection molding machine: refers to the force required for mold clamping to generate high pressure. Some machines can adjust the clamping force, while others cannot. Various types of vertical injection molding machines provide new product suppliers, including product, parameter, model, picture, price and other information. It is the authoritative database for vertical injection molding machines. We try our best to provide you with accurate and comprehensive information!
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