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How to use the cake silicone mold injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-25
In daily life, we often see many cute and vivid cake models in cake dessert shops. No matter how delicious or not, just showing the appearance will win a lot of foodies. The happy birthday letters on the cake, fruit shapes, cartoons Modeling, animal modeling, etc., are all exquisite workmanship. Although many dessert masters can make them without the help of molds, with these silicone molds, the production speed is greatly accelerated, and the production standards can be unified, so whether it is the owner or the lover Baking individuals will start with some special silicone molds for baking. According to different molds, different styles of cakes and desserts are made. These molds are available in many styles in a certain treasure. If we are a manufacturer, how should we produce these molds? In order to facilitate the removal of the finished product, these molds are usually made of non-toxic silicone material. The JTT-550 vertical injection molding machine for liquid silicone is used. The clamping force is 55-160T, and the injection volume is 1g-1407g. Larger can produce larger silicone mold parts. The features of this equipment are as follows: 1. Contains German 2KM (200L) liquid silicone feeder; 2. Multi-stage precision mold electric heating temperature control; 3. LSR special oil pressure water-cooled closed injection Nozzle; 4. LSR special material tube group; 5. heat-insulating cold water board; 6. heat insulation wave woven board; 7. disc or double slide design (one upper and two lower molds), more convenient to take and place parts, and more usable The pause time during LSR thermosetting molding allows the operator to do the work of mold taking/placement and mold cleaning, which greatly improves production efficiency; 8. Special feeding injection design, more accurate feeding measurement; 9. Optional adjustable evacuation device, Prevent the formation of air bubbles.
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