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How to understand and inquiry injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-24
With the development of economy, many customers see the development of plastic industry, plastic areas to seek investment. As an investor, time means and money markets. So how to send an efficient injection molding machine to the manufacturers inquiry is very important for the buyer. Injection molding machine as a world famous brand injection molding machine leader, to make the following Suggestions for you, help you understand how to send a more effective injection molding machine inquiry. First of all, you should let the injection molding machine manufacturers know that you will produce what kind of product and what kind of raw material production, and then they will tell you what kind of injection molding machine is appropriate. For example, if you want to which kind of products, such as chair use servo injection molding machine can save you a lot of electricity. If you want to produce thin-walled vessels, such as ice cream box, high speed machine can meet your requirements, because it has a high pressure, can save you a lot of cycle time. If you want to produce pipe fittings, you should use the PVC machine, etc. Second, you should give some information about your mould, such as the size of the mould, structure, and then they can choose suitable tonnage injection molding machine. If the customer didn't die, it doesn't matter, our casino and professional development mold manufacturers. Third, you should tell them your national industrial voltage, so that their injection molding machine can be used normally in your factory. Secondly, according to the types of products you do give you deserve to go up to produce the necessary auxiliaries. I hope the above information can help you. If you need in the field of plastic you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We can provide one-stop solution for you. Welcome you to come to consult our injection molding machine.
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