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How to select the special injection molding machine screw

by:FUHONG     2020-09-30
Different plastic, because when the melting time, melting absorb heat, melt viscosity, water absorption, thermal stability and other characteristics, the shape of the plasticizing for injection molding machine screw requirements are quite different. Even if the same kind of plastic, because of different products, plastic flame retardant agent, lubricant, add in glass fiber, inorganic minerals such as modifier and filler is not the same, or the requirements of the mixed color, melting homogenization have different demands, all have different requirements for screw. For general without flame retardant plastic, use normal general screw can be processed, only need according to different melt viscosity of different diameter of the screw ( Large, medium and small diameter) Can. If the performance is a special plastic ( PA, PVC, CA, CP, thermosetting plastic, etc. ) , special products, The bottle preform, optical lens, non-ferrous sun lenses, PP. - R pipe joint, liquid crystal display panels, etc. ) Or special particle shape, Powder, flake) Plastic, must use the special screw. Here are all kinds of special screw to choose from. Special screw: PC for PC such as plastic viscosity. Shear produce less heat, acid corrosion, medium, small diameter, forming a PC, PP. - R, such as flame retardant ABS effect is good, can also be common molding plastics and PMMA products. Mixed color effect is poorer, add toner, such as plastic should be made to strengthen the color mixture type screw, screw can choose stainless steel material or dual alloy of nickel plating. Special screw PA: PA, low viscosity, color, melting speed and good self-lubrication etc. Screw melange effect is good, stable feed rate, exhaust effect is good, middle diameter, forming a PA, PP and LCP crystal base class low sticky plastic effect is good, can also be general plastic molding. For PC, PMMA, ABS high viscosity and poor thermal stability of plastic (not apply The middle temperature, decomposition) 。 PMMA is special screw: PMMA transparent product requirements plasticizing effect is good, low rate of characteristics. Good plasticizing, low shear heating, mixed color, molding, PMMA, PP - middle diameter R, PC, ABS, etc, plus toner effect is good, such as plastic with flame retardants, screw to be chrome plated. PVC special screw: in view of the UPVC high viscosity, easy to decompose, corrosion resistance and good plasticizing PVC pipe joint requirements. Screw good plasticizing, shear produce less heat, acid corrosion. Because there is no lead aprons, cannot be used for low viscosity plastic pressure and injection speed grading more precise products. In addition, due to the need to heat and cooling, make UPVC products timing cylinder ( Plastic tube) To adopt forced air cooling measures used with screw screw must be chrome plated. PET special screw: PET low viscosity, specific heat capacity is big, easy to stick fast and PET bottle preform plasticizing and plasticizing uniform characteristics of screw good plasticizing, high stability, not sticky material, melt faster, do bottle blowing bottles billet yield is high. Large diameter, molding plastic in general. PBT, special screw: in PBT, easy to decompose, sensitive to pressure and need to add the characteristics of glass fiber, screw pressure stability, and using double or full hard tungsten carbide alloy screw improve abrasion resistance. Acid screw components: according to the characteristics of CP, CA and other plastic corrosive acidic, screw, plastic tube, and other plastic parts on the structure and surface treatment have made special design. Screw components, good corrosion resistance. Dual alloy screw: according to the impurity content more reworked material, glass fiber reinforced plastic and inorganic mineral filler ( Calcium powder, carbon powder, talcum powder, etc. ) 。 All only the tungsten carbide screw: in view of the strong corrosive ( If there is no plastic) , plus glass fiber reinforced plastic and some 40-50% and magnetic powder, ceramic powder and other plastic products.
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