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How to repair the injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-26
The core of the maintenance work of standard vertical injection molding machine and disc vertical injection molding machine is fault judgment and fault treatment. Repairing injection molding machines involves a wide range of knowledge and complexity, and requires a certain level of comprehensive professional knowledge. The maintenance of injection molding machine is a process of continuous learning and progress. It is necessary to master the basic working principles and basic working methods of the injection molding machine. Regardless of the model, a set of maintenance procedures can be explored to ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine. First, you need to understand and master the contents of the 'Standard Vertical Injection Molding Machine, Disc Vertical Injection Molding Machine Operation Manual' of the injection molding machine. Familiar with and master the mechanical parts, circuit and oil circuit of vertical injection molding machine, understand the working process of the machine, circuit and oil circuit during normal operation of the injection molding machine, understand and master the inspection and maintenance methods of electrical components and hydraulic components. The maintenance work of the injection molding machine requires an understanding of the operation method of the injection molding machine and some basic knowledge of injection molding, and the correct use of the injection molding machine. The circuit boards and electrical components in standard vertical injection molding machines and disc vertical injection molding machines are affected by factors such as high temperature, environment, and time for a long time. The deviation of the operating point of the components and the aging degree of the components are all within the normal range. Understanding the working procedures of the injection molding machine, debugging the electronic circuit and hydraulic circuit of the injection molding machine are very important links. Therefore, debugging an injection molding machine is also one of the essential basic skills in maintenance work. In the general maintenance process, the maintenance idea is usually the circuit-the oil circuit-the action of the mechanical parts. The adjustment work is carried out in reverse, such as mechanical action and the lack of clamping pressure, you can find the oil circuit and circuit. Generally, injection molding machine manufacturers only provide the electrical block diagram of the equipment, the block diagram of the oil circuit and the main parts of the machinery. This is not enough for maintenance work. Attention must be paid to collecting and sorting out all relevant information in daily maintenance work. Such as electrical, electronic, mechanical spare parts, oil circuit, solenoid valve body, etc. Maintenance work must be mastered and sorted out in accordance with the principle, in accordance with the logic system failure maintenance method and judgment program diagram. In combination with the actual maintenance work on weekdays, collect the relevant information of the standard vertical injection molding machine and the disc vertical injection molding machine, such as troubleshooting, the methods include step-by-step inspection method, simulation inspection method, voltage test method, on-off test method, circuit board Alternative methods and other methods. After repairing, it is necessary to re-adjust the operating point, re-adjust, and carry out a load test to make the equipment work within the parameter range of the data listed in the operation manual. Recommended reading: Analysis and solutions of common problems in plastic processing of Shenzhen vertical injection molding machine.
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