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How to reduce the injection molding process of the phenomenon of shoe

by:FUHONG     2020-09-24
Time to do injection molding machine so one hundred and twenty machinery co. , LTD. , encounter similar die of accident can remember how many, protect expensive mold, reduce production cost, avoid die downtime repair mold, improve product quality guarantee the delivery time, injection molding machine can do something for you instead of personnel on the monitor. Such as product didn't fall down, thimble not reset, slider, neutron, are detected, the alarm stop. 1. After open mold to determine whether sticky plastic parts in the mold ( Master pattern) , sticking to the mould alarm stop. 2. Clamping before confirm whether product residue in the die surface, not loose alarm stop. 3. Clamping before confirm the slider position, thimble, core-pulling location, inclined top ( Push the party) Position, prevent bad mould pressure caused by fracture dislocation situation. 4. The embedded type injection molding ( 插入成型) Insert confirmed, such as insert position misplacing, insert leakage, insert ( Strip) Deformation, a monitor alarm and control injection molding machine not mold, protect the mould. 5. Prevent incomplete continuously appear, such as color, lack of material, Short shot) And flash ( (front) 。 6. Reduce redundant thimble action, reduce cycle time.

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