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How to measure a good injection molding factory

by:FUHONG     2020-09-23
China has become the world's superpower injection molding processing products, manufacture of injection molding products to all over the world year by year, injection products for China's foreign trade growth also made an indelible contribution. But at the same time of rapid growth, industry also appeared many problems, and we should be how to choose a good injection molding factory to machining products? Casino injection molding processing factories and how to stand out and become a number of well-known domestic enterprises partners? First, choose a good injection molding factory, must first to the industrial and commercial administration to understand the basic information of the company, such as registered capital, established the year, the number of employees, etc. , so that we can judge the strength of the company from the side. Second: to see the company the knowledge structure of the staff and talent retention, can learn the company's injection molding technical ability, especially in injection molding engineer ability and competence of product design. Third: look past clients of the company, if the customer is contained in such as the world brand, or domestic famous brand companies, such as these enough to prove that the company's strength, especially the proportion of foreign clients and so on! List here in order to protect the privacy of clients no longer, can watch. Fourth: can to its website to understand the company's founder, the average company's website will have such an introduction, founder of the enterprise is the enterprise of bibcock, founder of the enterprise has a high-quality, highly educated, believe that the company would be a excellent enterprise. Fifth: see what this company enterprise honor, especially some gold content relatively high honor, can learn the influence of the company, social responsibility, etc. Believe in honor more companies will be a product to the customer is responsible for the company. Sixth: to understand the company's quality management system, purchasing system, production management system and other information! Casino holdings group achieved ISO9001:2008 certification, the production of injection molding machine through the CE certification, SGS certification, high precision, strong stability, produce excellent product quality, suitable for the high-end market.
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