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How to do a good job of injection molding machine downtime?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-24
Just before the molding is completed or temporary stop before the material within the cylinder finish air-launched, add the right amount of cleaning material cylinder to clean clean, according to the heating switch, close the cylinder electric heating. Close the hopper plate. If the downtime is injection molding machine for short periods of time, don't close the cylinder electric heating, the heating temperature of every section reduced from 100 to 150 degrees. If the injection molding machine is equipped with the nozzle temperature control with temperature regulator, turn the regulator button to zero, the regulator disconnect. This is not only for the next injection operation can heat in the shortest possible time feeding tube. Is to prevent the resin has melted the stranded within the cylinder, heating cylinder body of the remaining material should be thoroughly cleared, then add the right amount of cleaning material cylinder to clean clean, finally will stop screw in the front position. In manual mode, clamping and injection mountain, screw returned to the stop position. Close the oil pump motor, total attention to molding machine power supply. If DKM injection molding machine to suspend operation, they shall be many times more than the clear adhesive or so by injection molding machine clean shot plastic cylinder or residual plastic barrel. In plastic fade, the number of spray cleaning will be increased. If plastic decomposition or combustion inside the injection molding machine, will eventually change color, make the finished goods into the trash. In this situation, it must be fully closed injection molding machine, spray clean out. Prevention method is to use a higher thermal stability of plastic spray sensitive resin when it is heated, it will arrive by then. Outage or switch to another kind of plastic, must check out of the steps is correct. Material supplier has printed pamphlet containing details of the full, should be carefully read before operation, understand each plastic required to 'standard downtime steps'. Beside the brochure should be placed in the injection molding machine, so that the operator pick up at any time.
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