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How to control the size of two-color injection molding machine mold and product?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-25
The market demand for two-color injection molding machine molds and mold products is very different, and there are many types. The appearance, size, material, structure and other aspects have changed greatly, and the requirements are high, which caused many problems and difficulties in the production process of molds and products. How to effectively control the geometric dimensions of molds and two-color injection molding machine products requires different control technologies and methods for different types of molds and products. Here is a bit of experience about two-color injection molding machine injection molding product forming size control. When it comes to injection molding products, it must also talk about injection molds. Generally, in terms of production control, the fluctuation of the geometric dimensions of plastic parts after forming is a common problem, and it is a common phenomenon: 1. Control of the material temperature and mold temperature of the two-color injection molding machine. Different grades of plastics must have different temperature requirements. The plastic material with poor fluidity and the use of more than two kinds of mixtures will have different situations, and the plastic material should be controlled within the optimal flow value range. These are usually easy to do, but the control of the mold temperature is more complicated. The different geometric shapes, sizes, and wall thickness ratios of the formed parts have certain requirements on the cooling system. The mold temperature of the two-color injection molding machine is controlled to a large extent. With cooling time. Try to keep the mold at an allowable low temperature to help shorten the injection cycle and improve production efficiency. When the mold temperature changes, the shrinkage rate will also change, the mold temperature remains stable, and the dimensional accuracy is also stable. So as to prevent the deformation, poor gloss, cooling spots and other defects of the molded parts, so that the physical properties of the plastic are in the best state. There is also a debugging process, especially the two-color injection molding machine multi-cavity mold forming part is more complicated. 2. Adjustment and control of pressure and exhaust. The proper injection pressure and the matching of the clamping force should be determined when debugging the mold. The air in the gap formed by the mold cavity and core and the gas generated by the plastic must be discharged from the vent groove. If the vent is not smooth, insufficient filling will occur, resulting in weld marks or burns, which are forming defects Sometimes it appears in the same part occasionally. When there are thick walls around the thin wall of the molded part, insufficient filling will occur when the mold temperature is too low, and burns will occur when the mold temperature is too high. Usually weld marks appear on the burned part at the same time, and the exhaust groove is often overlooked and is generally in a small state. Therefore, under normal circumstances, as long as there is no burr, the depth of the exhaust shoulder should be as deep as possible, and a larger vent groove is opened at the rear of the shoulder, so that the gas after passing through the shoulder can be quickly discharged out of the mold. If there is a special need to open a vent slot on the ejector rod, the principle is the same, one is that there is no waste edge, and the other is that the vent is fast and the effect is good. 3. Supplementary shaping control for the size of injection molded parts. Due to the different shapes and sizes of some plastic parts, the deformation and warping will occur in different situations with the changes of temperature and pressure loss after demolding. At this time, some auxiliary tooling and fixtures can be used for adjustment, and remedial measures can be taken promptly after the molded part is ejected from the mold, and a better correction and adjustment effect can be obtained after it is naturally cooled and shaped. If the two-color injection molding machine guarantees strict management in the entire injection molding process, the size of the injection molded parts will be ideally controlled. Recommended reading: (1) Rotary table injection molding machine, rotary table vertical injection molding machine, JTT-850R rotary table vertical injection molding machine brand manufacturers. (2) Low-pressure forming machine, low-pressure forming machine brand, low-pressure forming machine manufacturer, single slide plate-oil and gas pressurized-low pressure forming machine. 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