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How to choose the suitable injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-22
At present, many production of injection molding machine manufacturers, specifications, models of injection molding machine, also there are many different character class. The user when the choose and buy should be according to the need to injection molding products, combined with the current and long-term interests to choose molding machine specifications, quality class. When the choose and buy, the user first clear oneself the using performance of the product production, material, size, grams, after the various factors such as production, according to several important technical parameters of injection molding machine, an important part to the specific choice of injection molding machine specifications. The following is my offer you purchase injection molding machine need to be aware of when items: 1. Injection quantity: defined as the most important of empty PS plastic injection. According to the practical experience, the total weight of products the best control in injection amount to less than 85%, plastic preferable to non-crystalline sex value, for the high viscosity of plastic YiQu. 2. Clamping force: the definition for the clamping end, molten material into the cavity, the template of mould forming locking force in the end. Insufficient clamping force will produce & other; Flash ( (front) ” Choose a model, shall ensure that products processing required clamping force is less than the clamping force of the machine. Accurate clamping force in the design of the mould was calculated by computer simulation. 3. The specifications of the injection pressure and injection rate, injection molding machine parameters of the injection pressure is the highest pressure inside the cylinder injection, rather than the system hydraulic high pressure injection, injection pressure and oil pressure relationship is inverse ratio to the screw cross-sectional area to shoot material cylinder area. According to the specific use of the characteristics of plastic raw materials and processed products, the liquid flow state to realize effective control of the molding. 4. Mould opening mold thickness and maximum stroke: the specifications of the injection molding machine parameters are generally has the minimum and maximum modulus of thick thick mold ( Or molar quantity) , on behalf of the injection molding function to accommodate the mold thickness. 5. Mould installation part of the relevant dimensions: mould width size should be adapted to injection molding machine template size and spacing bar, ensure mold can pass the bar spacing to install smoothly on the template. Mould the locating ring on the size and the injection molding machine shall be consistent with the positioning hole size on the template and use clearance fit; The spherical radius of injection molding machine nozzle shall be the contact between the main flow path of the mould of spherical radius is consistent; Mould cavities and mold foot size and injection motor threaded hole is arranged on the fixed template matching. 6. Screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel: this is affect injection molding machine overall function of a very important link. In order to obtain good products, inside the barrel of molten material must have a better and plasticizing effect and mixing degree; Good plasticizing capability for product molding efficiency has a vital influence; Materials for wear and tear, Such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc. ) And corrosive material ( Such as hard PVC, etc. ) , the material of barrel and screw structure, intuitive important influences on the client machine should be specified to processing of raw materials, so that manufacturers configuration corresponding screw cylinder. 7. Ejection stroke: effective ejection distance to make molding product finally pulled away from the mold smoothly, so that the continuation of the next action ( Die without the top die function) 。 8. Microprocessor: the ability and the working speed of the microprocessor is a decisive influence on the quality of the products and scrap. 9. Hydraulic control system: at present, in addition to the fully automatic injection molding, most of the injection molding machine hydraulic system to control, by adjusting all kinds of control valves to control the oil pressure, flow rate and flow direction, so as to realize the action of injection molding machine. Helpful hints: injection molding machine of choose and buy is not a small investment projects, to comprehensively consider various factors, a comprehensive measure, choose a fit and is suitable for the injection molding machine itself product requirements specifications. So the customer before buying, on the one hand, deal with their need to purchase the injection molding machine of major parts.

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