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How to choose the suitable injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-23
Usually the important factors affecting injection molding machine include: mold, products, plastic raw materials, molding requirements, etc. Want to choose a injection molding machine must collect the following information: a, the size of the mold ( Width, height, thickness) 。 Second, the amount and type of plastic raw materials ( PP/PE, etc. ) 。 Three injection, the appearance of the finished product size ( Three high) Important form and forming ( A few, etc. ) 。 Four, molding requirements such as quality requirement, production cycle, etc. After the injection molding machine more than information, you can follow the steps below to choose a suitable injection molding machine. 1. Choose the right type: decided by the products and plastic raw materials model. First determine the product production is monochrome, two-color, or mixed color. Monochrome can choose standard machine. Double color and color mixture can choose two-color machine. 2. Shot and be satisfied: by important cavity and determine the required finished product & other; Injection quantity & throughout; And choose the suitable screw diameter first. 3. Lock up: is determined by the product and the plastic clamping force tonnage, when raw material with high pressure into a mold cavity can be induced in a hold the power of the mold, injection molding machine clamping sheet no must provide adequate clamping force that mold is not open. 4. Put down: by the mold size determine machine & other; Big column interval, thick, die die minimal size, if appropriate, to ensure that the mold put down. 5. Get: the mould and product decision & other Mould schedule & throughout; And & other; Mold release schedule & throughout; Is enough to make the finished product out.

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