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How to choose the injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-23
For the mould to choose a suitable injection molding machine is very important, it can make the mold in injection molding machine run more smoothly, extra consumes less energy and more. So, how to choose the suitable size injection molding machine? First, we need to know what kind of product, customer's production plan, what use raw materials, spare parts weight, the size of the parts and structure. Our engineers to check the original sample or 3 d graphics calculating mould size. When we know that the above information, we can choose a suitable injection molding machine. For part of raw materials, we can know we need to normal machines or special design, material such as PP, PE material, we can use the common quantitative pump or servo injection molding machine, injection molding for PET, PC material or PVC material, we will use the special design of PET injection molding machine, PVC plastic injection machine. When we know that the weight of the parts, the size of the size and mold, we can calculate the tonnage of machine, including rod interval, injection distance, injection volume, clamping force, etc. If the product is a thin wall products, we would advise clients to buy servo energy-saving machine at a high speed.

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