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How to choose a vertical injection molding machine for zipper?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-16
Zippers are familiar to everyone. The clothes we wear in our lives often have zippers. Compared with buttons, zippers are more convenient and faster. There are also different types of zippers. According to different materials, they can be roughly divided into injection zippers, metal zippers and nylon zippers. Compared with metal zippers and nylon zippers, injection zippers have lower production costs and better performance. Therefore, the market share of plastic zippers will be more, and most of the zippers on our clothes are injection zippers. How to choose a vertical injection molding machine for zipper? Injection zippers are generally mass-produced. Although the injection molding process of injection zippers is simple, if the wrong injection molding model is selected, the result is often half the effort. To judge whether a plastic product is a high-quality and qualified product, it can be based on its appearance quality, color gloss, physical and chemical properties. In addition to choosing the right injection molding machine, a good mold is also very important, both of which are key factors in determining whether a qualified product can be produced. Our company is a high-tech enterprise that has focused on the production and research and development of vertical injection molding machines for many years, and provides a complete set of service processes from molds to production and processing and after-sales. Below, I recommend a high-quality vertical injection molding machine for zippers: JT-200 standard vertical injection molding machine 1. Vertical, direct pressure clamping, vertical injection, small footprint, smart and precise. 2. The lower mold is fixed and the upper mold is movable. For the good positioning of the insert, and configure the finished product ejection device. The stress distribution is uniform. The injection pressure protection is accurate, and the whole stroke is smooth and excellent. 3. Electric control and hydraulic parts. Precise and durable. 4. In-line screw injection device. No limit adjustment of back pressure. Suitable for molding precision plastic parts. 5. Suitable for injection molding of small and medium-sized embedded parts and selection of insert molding. 6. Optional servo energy-saving motor. Product sample image
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