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How to choose a suitable injection molding machine for the customer?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-24
Injection molding machine and injection machine and injection machine. It is the thermoplastic or thermosetting material using plastic molding mold made into various shapes of plastic products mainly molding equipment. Injection molding machine is one of commonly used equipment in the plastic processing industry, that is essential for injection molding industry. The purchase of injection molding machine is not a small investment, bought large injection molding machine is a waste, buy is too small and do not share. For the choice of injection molding machine, we choose a meet customer demand product itself is the most concerned about the content of each buyer customers, manufacturers have a duty to recommend suitable injection molding machine to buyers, for buyers to introduce how to choose the product itself need injection molding machine. First, select the injection molding machine, injection machine weight for standard injection weight, by the product weight and cavity number to determine the required 'injection quantity' and select the appropriate 'screw diameter. For stability's sake, choose injection quantity for finished product of the weight of 1. More than 35 times, i. e. the finished weight for injection amount to less than 75%. Second clamping force, this is the most basic choose the parameters of the injection molding machine to consider. Clamping force is determined by the product and plastic 'clamping force' tonnage. When raw material with high pressure into a mold cavity can be induced in a hold the power of the mould, so the clamping unit of injection molding machine must provide adequate clamping force 'that mold is not open. Clamping force demand calculation is as follows: hold = finished mold in the direction of the switch mode (projection area cm2) & 次; Cavity number & amp; 次; Mould pressure ( kg/cm2) ; Machine mold clamping force should be greater than support, and to be on the safe side, injection molding machine clamping force is usually accompanied by greater than 1 mold. More than 17 times. Finally, also have to consider from the pull rod, injection molding machine of bar spacing dimension should be greater than the mould width and height of the size, to facilitate the mold assembly.
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