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How to choose a second-hand low-pressure injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-30
Second-hand low-pressure injection molding machines can be seen everywhere in the market. Because the price of low-pressure injection molding machines is not expensive, many people choose to buy new ones when they buy them. If you really want to buy second-hand ones, it is okay, but we must confirm the machine before buying. Performance and quality. The editor tells you some methods for testing second-hand low-pressure injection molding machines. How to inspect a second-hand low-pressure injection molding machine 1. Check various mechanical hydraulic valves, especially the mechanical hydraulic valve at the screw, which is the most prone to damage, because the hydraulic valve will inevitably be damaged when used for long-term injection molding. You can pay special attention to it when choosing, because it is not cost-effective to repair after you buy a second-hand low-pressure injection molding machine. 2. Check whether the three major structures are operating normally. There are three major structures for injection molding. One is: the raw material structure, which is used for feeding materials, including raw material pipelines, etc., must be checked. Second: whether the injection structure, the injection nozzle, and the pressure valve are normal and the injection pressure is sufficient. Third: Circuit, check whether the circuit wires under the machine are aging. 3. Check whether the motor is normal. The motor is an important source of power for the operation of the injection molding machine. Many times we did not check whether the motor is normal when buying a second-hand low-voltage injection molding machine. If you can't check the motor, you can ask an electrician for help. At present, the price of brand new low-pressure injection molding machines on the market is between 20,000 and 40,000 yuan, and the second-hand ones are between 50 and 10,000 yuan, depending on the degree of new and old. It’s not that second-hand ones are bad, but second-hand ones are often used after years of use. At the time of purchase, no defects can be seen. Various defects will appear afterwards. In fact, it is better to buy new ones after the final repair. Of course, 8 -9-layer new second-hand low-pressure injection molding machine can also be purchased. This kind of cost-effective is relatively high.
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