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How to choose a pair of mold injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-24

as a mold maker and injection molding machine manufacturer, we have a very rich experience in this field. Generally speaking, we have the following Suggestions: 1, plastic raw materials, manufacturing products according to you need for the mould to select the correct type of injection molding machine. If it is PVC, you need to choose to produce PVC main use PVC machine; If it is a PET, you need to choose a PET for production main use PET machine. 2, check the injection molding machine is apart from the size in the rod, to ensure that the mold can be put into injection molding machine. 3, check the minimum height of the mould and the maximum height, ensure samples can easily be out. 4, check the size of injection molding machine clamping force, the clamping force is enough, make sure that when we choose mold injection molding function to provide enough to clamp the mould clamping force. 5, check the biggest injection weight, injection molding machine injection weight should be large enough, we according to the number of cavity injection molding products and the gram weight to decide the injection weight of the injection molding machine. If you need more information about plastic mould and injection molding machine, please contact us, we are a machinery co. , LTD.

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