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How much is a large injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-06-20
How much is a large injection molding machine? Regarding the answer to this question, let's first understand the quotation plan of the injection molding machine. In addition, we have collected some large injection molding machine price ranges for your reference. In the injection molding machine industry, the quotations of injection molding machines are mainly divided into standard configuration machines and additional configuration machines. The standard configuration machine is the most basic injection molding machine, its standard configuration, standard injection scheme. The additional configuration machine can also be called a modified machine or a customized machine. This type of machine is generally customized and produced according to the customer's product size, production requirements, efficiency requirements, energy-saving requirements, and so on. It is an improvement based on the standard configuration machine. In terms of price, the modified configuration machine is much more expensive than the standard configuration machine. The main reason for this is the cost of accessories. The market price of large injection molding machines. Large injection molding machines are divided into vertical injection molding machines, horizontal injection molding machines, and C-type machines. For large injection molding machines, we generally classify injection molding machines with large machine dimensions, large clamping force, and large injection volume as For large-scale injection molding machines, the different types of machines have created a very large difference in their prices. Large-scale horizontal injection molding machine price: between 500,000 yuan and 1 million yuan (the price of the optional configuration is different for each manufacturer, such as the installation of a servo energy-saving motor, the size of the motor Vasu determines the size of the cost, and the manufacturer will increase it The cost is all counted in it.) The price of a large vertical injection molding machine: between 400,000 and 1 million yuan (the price of a super large vertical injection molding machine is often similar to that of a horizontal machine, and the manufacturing cost of the machine is relatively not very different. The difference between them is the difference between the clamping method and the injection method) Because there are too many factors that affect the price, we can't give you an accurate quotation here. We have always advocated custom production according to customer needs, and then formulate injection plans and quotations For customer reference. If you want to know the precise price, you can contact our customer service staff to tell us your product size and production process requirements, and we will tailor a professional large-scale injection molding machine solution for you.
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