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How do injection molding machine maintenance

by:FUHONG     2020-10-08
Injection molding machine for us, is a printing press, in the plastic, the output is money, on the premise of correct choose injection machines, regular preventive maintenance is the guarantee for an effective way of injection machine to work normally. The injection molding machine maintenance is a series of prevention and inspection, in order to avoid the malfunction of the machine parts parts to extend the work life, for example, the production will suddenly appear caused failure to foresee and can plan downtime repair or overhaul; Timely find and replace the damaged parts can prevent damage of chain sex is preventive maintenance work. 1, the motor runs, 'emergency stop' YaRu, whether the motor immediately stop 2, open the door, mold-shut will immediately stop 3, in semi-automatic and fully automatic operation, mold-shut respectively before and after open the door on the way, will immediately stop, and mould 4, normal work, the injection molding machine system pressure should not exceed 10 mpa, whether standard 5, check the hydraulic oil level, oil level is above the oil level gauge the lowest line 6, check the hydraulic oil temperature, the optimal operating oil temperature between 30 ~ 40 degrees, make sure those goals are met in July and check whether the temperature of the cooling water at 25 ℃ below 8, lubricating oil lubrication in the clean enough ( Without water, without impurities, no bad) 9, check the lubricating oil and lubrication action is normal 10, injection molding machine maintenance the machine working space whether there is sundry, the machine worktable is clean 11, 12, the machine movement is normal door panel is working correctly, Note that each time you change the mold need to adjust) 13, check whether there is material leakage, and so on and so forth 14, travel switch position changes caused by the looseness of 15, close to switch, whether caused by loose change position 16, hydraulic tubing whether there is oil leakage, oil leakage happened 17, Zhi connection part of screw whether there is a dynamic, 18, electricity box if clean 19 falls off phenomenon, wire connector, electrical components of the wiring head are strong 20 wires, power supply voltage, three-phase 380 v and 220 v alternating current (ac) is within the scope of the deviation 10 v 21 22 grounding machines are in good condition, the above several injection molding machine maintenance do you insist on your machine is multi-purpose a few years.
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