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High speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-01
Injection molding machine injection molding machine with advanced technology, combined with high-end mold design and manufacturing philosophy and has become mature and efficient injection molding process of injection molding machine market leader, working with merchants all over the world almost. Injection molding machine because of its high speed, high efficiency, high security, high precision, high energy saving five quality performance and the peak of injection molding machine market. High speed machine according to the features of different can be divided into high speed injection molding machine, high-speed PET injection molding machine, high speed precision injection molding machine. High-speed injection molding machine, the machine adopts high precision single cylinder injection system with accumulator injection to achieve high speed injection molding, moreover it by triaxial linkage function to implement the storage material, mold, injection at the same time, greatly shorten the molding cycle. Mainly used in mechanical system within the mold molding, thin walled containers. Such as ice cream cup box, yogurt, disposable lunch box, such as wall thickness of 0. 45 mm 4 cavity, ice cream boxes; The period of the mould can reach 4. 5 seconds. High-speed PET injection molding machine: the machine adopts PET special screw and cylinder, the larger the L/D values have perfect plasticizing capacity, can help producers fully rational use machine and obtain higher output. Mainly used for single cavity to PET tube billet of multi-cavity mold, standard PCO ROPP. The PEP tube embryo, bottle embryo, etc. High speed precision injection molding machine: adopt the most advanced KEBA1000 / Europe 2000 computer control system and Moog valve, not only can accurately control the quality of the each module as well as the location, at the same time can also reduce the forming error, to obtain high precision molding is mainly used for electronic components, such as: following, plastic machinery gear, LED light, pipe fittings.
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