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High speed injection molding machine is how operation?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-05
Injection molding machine of nitrogen bottles of nitrogen gas bottle is also called the accumulator. High pressure nitrogen gas bottle rubber pouch, and the remaining space is filled with high pressure oil. When injection pressure oil released, basically is a constant voltage instantaneous large flow power source. Although the nitrogen bottle can only provide instant ( Such as 0. 5 seconds) The big flow, but has enough for high-speed thin wall injection. The nitrogen gas bottle, the greater the pressure is constant, the more the pressure oil storage. Low inertia injection by high speed injection alone, and do not meet all the requirements of thin-wall injection, and the high speed rate and the reduction rate should be considered. At the start of the injection, the screw is static. From the static to full speed ( Such as 400 mm/s) , the screw to accelerate. Single cylinder injection current hydraulic injection molding machine, give priority to with double injection cylinder design. Injection, injection in the back seat and oil motor is also moving forward, the quality is not low. By the way, common fully electric injection molding machine design, when the injection is responsible for the screw rotation of motor is also moving forward. DKM with the design of the single cylinder injection oil electric composite machine, move the whole balance cylinder to ensure the machine to receive strength evenly, high pressure injection is not easy to leak adhesive, injection is more stable. Servo valve servo valve response, faster than general proportional valve, after filling in, turn to the holding stage, maximize utility. If the valve response than will flash that finished product produce burrs. Full closed loop control servo valve with full closed loop control, general practice for the holding pressure injection speed and back pressure control. If the whole closed-loop control inspection related variables, The speed or pressure) And set the quantity deviation, will inform the servo valve to make corrections. In short, all the stability of the closed-loop control can improve the injection ( Or repetitive) , to reduce the scrap rate. Bully to electronic control system of injection molding machine controller in cavity filled with instant, the injection is completed, turn to the holding of the command. DKM adopt the European advanced bully control. Injection position and the temperature control precision. When injection speed is 400 mm/s, and allow electronic ulnar deviation of 0. 1 mm, the controller can only allow 0. The deviation of 25 ms. The controller must be in each 0. 1 ms, scanning electron injection feet again. Like the controller USES the 'real time' control, without scanning, and in the electronic scale induction to already amounted to the holding point, the interrupt, controller 'instant' processing, also can achieve the requirement of high stability. Injection molding cycle short disposable lunch box, cup, cap amount is quite big, such as low price, therefore the manufacturer and the production efficiency. Four seconds cycle is a reference index, and open mold, while the function of the ejector, cycle time can be delivered less than one second. Mechanical structure of the injection molding machine to achieve the cycle of four seconds, opening and closing template must be fast and stable, Don't make vibration) 。 The proportional valve to open and close mold, can play to the braking function; In addition, the high rigid frame is also helpful to brake. Template deformation will directly affect the cavity thickness. If the finished wall thickness of 0. 5 mm, template deformation control in 0. Below 5 mm, so the template to high rigidity ( Adopt the suitable thickness of stiffener and the appropriate template) Shoulds not be too great, four-column space. Injection molding machine of plasticizing capacity in four seconds plasticizing period, should enhance the plasticizing capacity of the screw, or the adoption of hydraulic pneumatic seal to extend the plasticizing time.
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